My Personal Finance Philosophy (Kinda)

Chukwudi Uraih, MBA
3 min readJun 20, 2021

What happened???

I quit my job many times in my head and even sent in a resignation letter in 2017 before they advised me to walk it back. Then 2019 happened. I came back after being “hurt” during a deployment (I am in the US Army Reserves) in Afghanistan just to sit at Walter Reed Medical Center as the drums of the COVID-19 war started to beat. I officially got off military orders in April 2020 and went back to work on a project in May 2020. All this was happening while my dad caught COVID in a nursing home and I took his ass out of there after they had him in quarantine for over 20 days. So there I was trying to care for a sick man with dementia, working at a job that I hated, moving fast in a dead-end relationship and hating every single fucking day. Especially because they closed all the gyms because of the Rona.

I found a group home that would take my dad so that I can actually sleep at night. I hoped that it would be a safe place for him while I figured life out. Once that I was off my plate, I decided to change EVERYTHING. I still had a pot full of war money saved so I walked a little different. I ended the dead-end relationship, decided to purchase a multifamily unit in Dallas (I needed a new start), and told my employer that I was done. Then everything went to shit on my aggressive attempt to change everything in my life at one time during a pandemic. The multifamily deal went to shit, my dad got sick again, and I was stuck because I moved out of my apartment and was getting ready to head to Dallas. So basically I was homeless. I ended up heading to my cousin’s house in Houston to take a knee while I figured out how to get my ass out of this pickle. While I was there, I created two LLCs; one for real estate and one for personal financial advising. I knew would get there but had no fucking clue when. Regardless, I left my cousin’s house in Houston and headed to Dallas to find another multifamily deal. I did and made it work by stumbling through 3 lenders and paying off my baby (2016 Audi S7). Then my dad got sick, real sick and was in and out of the hospital and died on 31 December 2020. I still have not figured out how to deal with this but I closed the deal, quit my job, and started the personal financial planning company. Now I do it to honor him and so that I can help others so they don’t make the same mistakes he did (Story Coming Soon).

My personal philosophy for financial finance is simple. Make money, spend money, and invest the rest (See below).

Simple Personal Finance Philosophy

It really is that simple. The problem is that most of us think that Income minus Expenses equals Credit Card. This is what I call playing the game wrong. I have seen firsthand that if you play the game wrong, it will result in you being a burden to everyone who cares about you and begging for scare and inefficient government resources to “save you” when you are the most vulnerable. The best thing you can do is realize that “What I Use to Invest” will one day save your ass and help you determine your quality of life when can no longer trade time for money at your job. This is true for the janitor for the medical doctor and everyone in between. That is why I preach that you need to optimize “What I Use to Invest”. That little green box needs to be both positive working harder for you than you worked for it. Once you get that concept then the new game can begin.

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Chukwudi Uraih, MBA

I am a systems thinker who thinks he is a data scientist who wants to help you get financially free.